Peace Alliance on Women, Peace and Security

The South Asian region has been plagued by ongoing inter and intra state conflicts. In each of these conflict situations women are often the most vulnerable at several levels. Women are not only killed and murdered during conflicts but may be maimed, tortured, abducted, kidnapped, ‘disappeared’, raped and otherwise molested by ‘opposing’ armies or forces. A majority of refugees, internally displaced and dislocated are women who then have the added burden of being responsible for children, the elderly, the infirm and the disabled. The vulnerability of women is compounded when expressions of identity are articulated as ‘tradition’, ‘culture’ and ‘norms’ which are often imposed on women as markers, bearers and symbols of ‘otherness’.

Simultaneously Pakistan has been caught in severe inter and intra link state conflicts since 1947 after the partition of the subcontinent. Unfortunately, these conflicts are worsening day by day peculiarly on borders while all conflicts endanger the life and security of those living in conflict zones; especially women in these areas are at risk. There are considerable concerns about women, peace and security; in inter and intra state conflicts as women face multilevel and multifaceted violence which are often not addressed in Pakistan.

Inter and intra state peace has been of particular concern and ASR/IWSL have been involved with peace process at several levels nationally and internationally. ASR has undertaken a multilevel approach, which includes consultations, training workshops, a national conference on women, peace and security. The complexity of conflicts in and around Pakistan, it is imperative to work collectively towards a common understanding and common struggle not only to ensure peace with justice but to make concerted interventions to ensure the inclusion of women in peace prevention, peace processes, and conflict resolution and in reconstruction.

As per the commitment ASR/IWSL made an alliance/ network of its core group members so that they can remain in touch with each other. For the purpose ASR has developed a Yahoo E-mail Group with the e-mail of all workshop participants where everyone shares with all the conflict situations of their areas, the measures they are taking for the resolution of such conflicts and the role of women in peace building. We also made a FaceBook group with the name ‘Women and Peace Network’ where our core group members are joining to make a larger alliance on WPS. To visit the page please go to link